iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door, Full Frame Seal. Fits Door Openings up to 34"x82" MAX

1) MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR NIRVANA. If you have tried other eloquent magnetic screen doors before, you'll see the difference right away. #1 Best Screen has toughest, heavy net structure. Mosquitos and biting bugs stand no chance.

2) PUTTING THE MAGNETIC MAGIC BACK INTO MAGIC MESH SCREEN DOORS. #1 Best Screen has the full 36" width and 83" height piled with 26 strong magnets - BURIED in the reinforced adjoining borders, so they will never break or drop off. NO GAPS along the whole vertical closure = No fleas. The ENTIRE FRAME of iGotTech's #1 Best Display is lined with a reinforced hook & loop seal. NO OTHER display door offers this. Together with the super-duty hook & loop seal round EVERY inch along the top and both sides, and extra support nails included, there's NO chance of the display falling down, along with NO chance of bugs.

4) KILLER VIDEO TUTORIAL. IGotTech's Creative Department fails us not. See instructions in package to look at instruction t…